Using my domain hosted at namecheap

Hey Guys

So currently my domain is hosted at namecheap and i wanted to start using linode since i love the pricing models and scalability.

But i am not extremely experienced in domains and zone editing, so im learning ( go easy on me )

in namecheap im using their Premium DNS service

So i am after some advice on using linode to manage my domain

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You got it!

A while back, I wrote up a post here in the Community that shows you how to configure your DNS with Linode. I think it'll be helpful to you, as it links you to our how-to guides in a manner that's meant to make it as simple as possible:

I hope that helps you out!


i found the following guide

I am a little concerned about the SOA Email address, i dont want to use my email as it becomes public.

my SOA currently with namecheap reads as
SOA 60 min

atm the SOA email using mxtoolbox is could i use that? or do i have to use an email i have access to.

The email that you use for SOA should be one that you have access to, or that would route a message to the right person. If that hostmaster email does that for you, it's fine to use that as the SOA email.

If you are paying for Namecheap’s Premium DNS service, you can still use Linode for your hosting and keep the DNS with Namecheap.

You would simply need to point the relevant records (typically “” and “”, A and AAAA records) to your Linode’s IP addresses.

If you’re hosting incoming mail services on your Linode, you can point your MX record to your Linode’s hostname (* or using the Namecheap DNS control panel.

Alternatively if you don’t want to pay for Namecheap’s Premium DNS any more, you can delegate your domain to Linode as described in the docs linked by @rgerke.

thanks guys for all the help @andysh

I am experimenting and learning right now so ill let u know how it goes.

I guess my biggest concern is when using plesk
( i plan on plesk as my control panel )

And setting up accounts for users, friends, and hosting that i plan to share, is setting up plesk, linode, etc to all be able to manage the domain, add subdomains, add records etc automatically

I am not sure keeping it with namecheap that ill be able to do all that.

When you setup plesk, it even asks you what domain you want to use, and to lets encrypt it etc.

i figured it all out

thanks to help from all the replies

i made a new email address for the SOA email
i used add new domain
changed the NS custom DNS details on namecheap
Now linode is managing the records and its all working


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