How to set up Thunderbird?

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I just installed Thunderbird on my Linode. How do I configure it? I see the following error:

Error: no DISPLAY environment variable specified.

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By default, all Linodes do not come with a graphical user interface, so it needs to be installed. The link below explains how:

Using the Linode Graphical Shell (Glish)

The guide explains how to install xfce4, but there are many others. I recommend seeing what you like best. I added a link to an article explaining some of the popular choices out there.

10 Best Linux Desktop Environments And Their Comparison [2020 Edition]

I also added a link explaining how to install Thunderbird if anyone comes across this and wants to install it. Once you have the GUI, you can use Glish to set up Thunderbird.

How to install Thunderbird on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa Linux Desktop


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