Ubuntu 20.04 for Rancher Node Template?

I am following this Linode tutorial for Rancher

I am creating a node template for Linode, but there is no Ubuntu 20.04 LTS image available, only 18.04 LTS and below.

Will Linode update the image list to include 20.04 sometime soon? I would like to create a cluster on the latest image.


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You can create a Linode with 18.04 and upgrade it yourself.

-- sw

@irlanco Thanks for reaching out to us. I've passed this information along to our team, and they'll look into this. That being said, I don't have an ETA to share right now, and stevewi's reply is good workaround for the time being.

I wouldn't mind upgrading with a stackscript but I don't think it's possible since the upgrade process requires multiple reboots. I'd rather not have to go into every machine that spins up in the cluster and manually upgrade :)


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