What has caused scheduled reboot of a linode?

I just logged into a Debian 10 Linode - only port 22 opened and no root login allowed.

I got a broadcast message indicating a scheduled (future) reboot. I did not initiate this and am the only user on the system. I have looked in the syslog and other than seeing the broadcast message, I don't see any other reference to the reboot.

I also don't see any notification on the Linode console. Is this likely normal - i.e. a daemon or system process initiating the reboot? How can I get more detail on the cause?

Broadcast message from root@<HOST> (Sun 2020-09-27 14:00:00 EDT):

The system is going down for reboot at Mon 2020-09-28 04:00:00 EDT!

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Well! I have answered my own question (partially), but I will leave this thread in-case it helps anyone else.

I had forgotten that when I configured this Linode, I setup automatic security updates with an automatic reboot.

Configuration of reboot on update done via:

Apparently an update has been done and indicated a scheduled reboot is required via the existence of this file: /var/run/reboot-required

That said, I recalled this by going back through my original configuration notes. Is there a log where I could have found the cause of the scheduled reboot listed?

Thank you!


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