Where do I administrate my Linode MC server (One-click app)?

I'm wondering where to administrate my Linode's Minecraft server (where the console is). Can anyone help?

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You can access the Minecraft server configurations by editing the server.properties file, which should be located at /home/mcserver/serverfiles/server.properties. To use the console, you should be able to run ./mcserver console.

Hi Team,

When trying to access ./mcserver console, it fails stating 'Do NOT run this script as root!' yet I do not have any other access to the console..

You get access to the console by:

  1. Going to https://cloud.linode.com.

  2. Logging in.

  3. Clicking on the Launch LISH Console button at the far right of the screen on the same line as your Linode's name.

-- sw

P.S. Logging in from the console is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for you to have the privileges of the super-user if your task at hand requires them.


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