Where do I administrate my Linode MC server (One-click app)?

I'm wondering where to administrate my Linode's Minecraft server (where the console is). Can anyone help?

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You can access the Minecraft server configurations by editing the server.properties file, which should be located at /home/mcserver/serverfiles/server.properties. To use the console, you should be able to run ./mcserver console.

Hi Team,

When trying to access ./mcserver console, it fails stating 'Do NOT run this script as root!' yet I do not have any other access to the console..

You get access to the console by:

  1. Going to https://cloud.linode.com.

  2. Logging in.

  3. Clicking on the Launch LISH Console button at the far right of the screen on the same line as your Linode's name.

-- sw

P.S. Logging in from the console is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for you to have the privileges of the super-user if your task at hand requires them.

I'm having the same issue. I'm really stuck at this point. I'm able to get root access to the lish console but I can't run ./mcserver console

I want to be able to give someone admin privileges in my server

I can't run ./mcserver console

When you log in as root, you are placed in root's home directory…typically /root. When you type in ./mcserver, what you are doing is telling the shell to look in $CWD (current working directory) for the command mcserver. mcserver is not located there so the shell gives you an error.

You need to find out where mcserver is located and then invoke the command as /the/path/to/mcserver.

-- sw

I am being told i cannot run the script as root. I guess i'll have to create another user.

i was able to work out the solution. To access mcserver console, first create user with sudo rights, then chmod -R YOURNAME /home/user. After that, you should be able to run it. But i am running into another problem, when accessing it for the first time, it says server not running, after completing the process of running it again and reopening the script, it stil says the server isn't running. but then i start it again and i get kicked from the console.

Haha, found the solution to that too. Just run ./mcserver stop, then ./mcserver start, should fix the loop of server not started problem when trying to access the console. One thing tough is that i cannot find the mcserver.service in the systemctl | grep running list like i used to before.


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