Store Images Locally & use Orchestration?

Because Linode is pretty limited space for us to create & store images, I was thinking to store images on the developer workstation - and then use them when provisioning. Using something like Terraform, Ansible, packer, or similar - could one provision Linode VPSs using local images?

Also, how can we test images locally - or make sure they're compatible with the Linode infrastructure?

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I wanted to jump in here and second your idea to use Terraform for this. From what it sounds like in your question, Terraform could be the solution for you.

I want to direct you to one of our documentation on Terraform which will show you how to use it with Linode:

Use Terraform to Provision Linode Environments

I hope this is helpful. I'm also going to add some tags to this post to give it more visibility to the Linode Community, so that this conversation can continue!


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