resize linode.... kubernetes ?

resize linode

My linode is currently slow, the characteristics or plan is shared 16GB linode, in longview my data are the following: CPU: 6 cores, 522%, Ram: 1.61Gb, swap: 177 Mb, load: 11.95, network: 18mbs, store : 47.9 Gb ……. what is saturated is load and the processors ….. I check my mysql processes consume 70% to 50% of my resources, apache 10% …….. …. I'm going to change urgently to dedicated service …… does it help to make the best decision ……….I have read about kubernetes, other comments about putting mysql on a separate server ….. I'm new to linode .. … orient me please ….. the connections are 250 on average from mysql …. the server is LAMP. It is in production and new users are entering as they contract my service … it can grow to 2000 thousand users soon and so on.

Thanks you.

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Hey there -

These are great questions, and I want to give you some resources that might help you out. The first I want to point you to are a few other posts here that talk about high CPU usage and what you can do to diagnose and remedy it:

High CPU Usgae Due to MySQL

That one will give you steps to take to investigate, and tune your Apache and MySQL instances.

Here is another one, written by a colleague, that goes into a bit more detail:

Linode Suddenly Using 100% CPU

If you need to resize your plan (this includes resizing to a Dedicated plan), you can do so right in the Cloud Manager following these instructions:

Resize my Linode

If you want some guidance choosing the plan that would best suit your needs, check out this guide as well:

How to Choose a Linode Plan

Kubernetes may also be an option for you, as you mentioned. Here's a doc that goes over some Kubenetes use cases and gives you a general overview:

Getting Started with the Linode Kubernetes Engine

I hope this gives you a good start. Feel free to post any additional questions you have.


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