How do I determine whether my Linode server is dedicated or shared?

I've been using Linode servers for a long time now. I set up some new ones about a year ago and I chose "Shared CPU". How do I tell if my other servers are Dedicated CPU or Shared CPU?

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In the Linodes list, it shows the plan below the label.

Or if you click on a specific linode, it shows the plan on the Summary tab up at the top. It's the bit that says 'Linode 2GB: 1 CPU, 50GB Storage, 2GB RAM' in the image below. A dedicated plan starts with the word 'Dedicated' where the word 'Linode' is. (ignore the arrow in this image showing you where to do a reboot):

And if you want to be extra sure, you can goto the Resize tab and it will show a box with 'CURRENT PLAN' next to your plan (if you are on dedicated, you'll have to change the resize subtab over to the dedicated cpu to see it).


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