Any recommendations for CPU / LINODE size / speed for a Web Server hosting an embedded (third-party) Live Stream iFrame?

Hi, I'm looking for any advice from anyone who has had experience hosting a web page with an embedded (third-party) iFrame. ie DaCast is the Streaming Source and I have a web page hosted on a Linode web server I created. Absolute maximum connections are 500. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a Linode CPU size / speed or whether it even matters (as the video is streaming from an external source). ANY feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm not familiar with DaCast, though I just checked the system requirements on their website. It's not entirely clear to me, which may be what prompted you to ask for the experience of others. From what I can see, you would need at least 1-2GB of RAM for this. Because of that, I would recommend starting with at least the 4GB plan, as that would allow you to have the needed RAM for DaCast, along with RAM to handle anything else you're running.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can resize a Linode at any time, so if you see performance issues at 4GB, you can resize to a larger plan. This does include downtime, though resizes up are quicker than resizes down.

Since latency will affect your viewer's experience, I'd also recommend performing a speed test for whichever data center you expect to be closest to your viewers. Knowing the best option for them will help provide the best experience for them.


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