How does Lish utilize my SSH key?

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I’m a little confused about how Lish uses SSH keys.

For example, I’ve added my public SSH key to one of my Linodes (as well as the Lish page in Cloud Manager), but my Linode’s Lish console is still asking me for a password.

Any idea why?

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When attempting to access Lish via SSH, you’d typically be required to input your Cloud Manager credentials for authentication purposes. If you configure key authentication access for Lish, you’d no longer need to provide your Cloud Manager credentials when connecting to one of our Lish gateways over SSH. Just so you're aware, you'll never be prompted to provide your Cloud Manager credentials when using browser-based Lish (also known as Weblish).

Lish does not abide by any SSH configurations that you have in place on your Linodes, and you’ll always be prompted to provide the credentials for a Linux user account when you access one of your Linodes' console sessions. This applies for every Lish access method (including Weblish).


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