New Features in the Linode Cloud Manager

Linode Staff

You may have noticed some changes to your Cloud Manager today. That’s because we’ve made some improvements that are designed to improve the overall customer experience.

Some of the features of the new release include:

  • A new homepage
  • An easier way of viewing billing & account information
  • An updated view of each Linode
  • An improved notifications drawer

One of the first things you’ll notice is that the dashboard has been removed. What it’s been replaced with is dependent on whether or not you’re a Managed customer. If you are, you’ll see your Managed dashboard - otherwise your homepage will show your Linodes.

Another change is with the menu options. Some of the highlights include combining the Events and Notifications into one icon (the bell) which will open up the new Notifications drawer, and a “Community” icon which will bring you directly here to the Community Questions site.

You’ll also notice that the Rescue, Resize and Rebuild tabs have been removed from your Linode details screen. They can now be found in the Linode Action Menu. Also, your Volumes can now be found under Storage.

This is just a sampling of the changes that were made. For a full, detailed list, check out our blog post:

Cloud Manager Feature Enhancements Now Available

2 Replies

I appreciate every enhancements that Linode is bringing to a customer like me, it is a real commitment of Linode I personally appreciate.

While the new interface looks neat, there are some features in the old interface that I missed: a bird-eye-view of the type of all linodes under my account, and a better view on mobile phone screen etc.

Just wonder if there is a way for user like me to toggle back to the old interface?

Thanks for the kind words, and for taking the time to share your thoughts. There's not a way to toggle back to the old interface but we'd be happy to take any suggestions you have into consideration for future changes. Could you open a ticket or send us an email at to let us know more about the changes you'd like to see? I've already added your request to be able to view all Linodes by the type of plan to our internal tracker, and with a bit more info on the type of mobile view you'd like to see we can take note of that as well.


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