Add NAPTR DNS records to linode's domain manager

Hi. i was trying to set some NAPTR records on the linode domain/dns manager and there is not such setting. Is there any workaround to add NAPTR records?

This also applies for TXT records and some others new ones

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While it isn't possible to add NAPTR records to Domains in the Cloud Manager, TXT records are fairly simple. There is a section in your Domain for adding TXT records specifically, and you can find the instructions here:

We've made sure to document your feature request for the ability to create NAPTR records, but to help you get the functionality you need we recommend using a self-hosted BIND server to create the record. From there you should be able to configure your Linode Domain as a secondary (nee slave) server and still use our name servers to serve your record. The following resources may be helpful for further information:


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