Does Linode provide a private docker registry for me to push/pull my images?

Does Linode provide a private docker registry for me to push/pull my images?

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Setting up a private docker registry is something that you can set up yourself. We have a guide on How to Set Up a Private Docker Registry with Linode Kubernetes Engine and Object Storage.

That said, this is not a service that we currently provide. I've added this to our internal feature tracker for future considerations.

Thanks for replying! That would be a cool feature :-)
I will take a look at the guide.

Look at
It is a repo for docker/helm charts.


Has a service for private registries been implemented yet? As app developers, managing supporting infrastructure/servers is the whole point of going with LKE. Unfortunately, we have no way to accessing our private Docker images without setting up our own registry. Linode allows for uploading of OS images. Why not Docker images? You don't even have to charge for it since if the Docker image was hosted elsewhere, you'd still need to cache it locally in the cluster. Maybe there is a multi-tenant registry solution where we can upload Docker images to our linode account and access them directly from our clusters. This is a huge gap in you LKE product.


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