How do I interpret the NodeBalancer graph?

Hi, in the Linode NodeBalance dashboard, there are a couple of graphs. I am interested to know how to properly interpret these graphs, particularly the Connections one.

In the context of a NodeBalancer with web/app nodes, my guess is that the graph shows you the number of users who are currently being routed to the nodes (as they visit your site url) which translates to users who are currently on your site.

So for example, if a value for 14:05 is 123.4, this means that from 14:00-14:05, there was approximately 123.4 concurrent users, distributed throughout your nodes.

Is this correct?

P.S. Sorry, English isn't my primary language.

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Hi @drsmileytooth! That's correct. The value for a given timeframe in the Connections graph is the average concurrent connections for that time period.

Awesome, thank you @mjones! Hope that you are well.


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