How I can install oracle on the server

How to install oracle on the say centos 7 - in the marketplace, I don't see a separate oracle package to deploy on the server?

Is there any way?
Sorry, new user to Linode, and please help to clear my doubt.

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Hey there – thanks for the question. We don't have an Oracle Linux marketplace app, but if you're running CentOS 6, 7, or 8, you can switch using Oracle's official script:

Linode doesn't offer support for system config things, so if you run into any issues, feel free to post questions on the Linode Community or reach out in IRC.

Best of luck!

We also have a StackScript that will deploy CentOS and then install Oracle Linux:

You can deploy it by going here, selecting "Community StackScripts", searching for "Oracle" and then selecting the second StackScript listed.

Is the question about Oracle Linux installation or Oracle (database) installation on Linux?

Thanks. You can download the Linux x86-64 Oracle database from:
But, if you are looking for the free Express Edition (XE) database:

If you never installed or used an Oracle database before perhaps you want to use instead the XE version to evaluate. This uses a simpler installation using an .rpm install instead.

Here is an FAQ about XE:

I use CentOS as this is similar to Oracle Linux and Red Hat Linux. Check system requirements on the link above and select a Linode with enough capacity.


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