Websites blocking traffic from a VPN on my Linode

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I have configured a VPN on my Linode but a few websites don't load properly, like my bank, and Netflix doesn't show all content that should be available. I also have configured a VPN on my home router and everything seems to work properly from there. Why am I not able to access some websites from the VPN on my Linode?

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I don't have lots of experience running my own VPNs, but I believe the following scenarios could be possible:

  • Your Linode may be located within a data center that differs from your home country and websites are restricting or blocking traffic based on the IP address's location.
  • While your VPN is obscuring your location, your web browser / client may still be passing that along and the websites you are trying to access are blocking traffic from your location
  • The websites that aren't loading successfully could be using systems that block traffic from known IP address ranges from cloud providers, including Linode.
  • Your VPN traffic is occurring over IPv6 and some websites are blocking that traffic.

I recommend investigating the above and also cross referencing the configuration of your Linode's VPN with the configuration of your home VPN. If you are using the same software (or similar software), you can make sure everything lines up.


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