How do i use DNS01 solver using Linode DNS on cert-manager?

I am trying to get a wildcard SSL from Let’s Encrypt using cert-manager to automate that on my LKE, currently a wildcard SSL needs a DNS01 solver how do i do that with Linode?

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Hi there!

I wanted to give you some resources that should be able to help you out.

First, here is a step-by-step guide on installing cert-manager on LKE:

What is Kubernetes cert-manager?

There is a section on Challenges - which is what you're looking for in regard to the DNS-01 Challenger Provider.

Next, you can refer to the official cert-manager documentation for the DNS-01, which will show you how to configure it:


I'm looking for the same thing. It appears Linode is not a supported DNS provider in cert-manager. This would make it much easier to setup cert-manager with Linode DNS if Linode DNS was supported here.

However, it appears that additional DNS providers will not be supported in-tree and should be implemented as a webhook provider instead.

I did find this project which implements a DNS01 resolver for Linode DNS. . It would be great if Linode would maintain and support such a solver.

I just ended up with annotations to do the TLS.

this thread motivated us to write another cert-manager adapter for linode:

maybe it's helpful for you too. the one linked by @kekoav has not worked for us using subdomains.

cheers, adrian


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