Modded Minecraft Plan Specs

Hello, I'm planning on running a modded 1.16.4 MC Modded server for me and about 10 - 15 other players. The pack is custom built with about 90 mods and I'm struggling to figure out what specs I need.

I was hoping to run this linode at best bang for buck ratio since I will be funding this myself without any expected help. Also I would prefer not to use a marketplace option for more control over the server and what's installed on it.

Thanks in advance for any advise!

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I’d start with at least the 4GB / 2 core plan and see how your ram usage looks. If you’re going over and using half or more of the swap file, you can always upgrade if necessary.

When it comes to modded Minecraft servers, you need 1.5GB of RAM for every 10 players and 3GB of RAM for every 100 mods added. If you use these general guidelines, you should never run out of RAM on your Minecraft servers


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