some file with SignatureDoesNotMatch

I am use django storages, some files linode storage return SignatureDoesNotMatch, are know why.

<error> SignatureDoesNotMatch <requestid>tx00000000000000633365f-00602bb775-1e6495c-default</requestid> <hostid>1e6495c-default-default</hostid> </error>

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Hi there,

We have some resources here in the Linode Community that address the signaturedoesnotmatch error - I'll link you to them, There are varied solutions, so I hope they'll be helpful to you.

These have to do with uploading:

Object Storage upload problem

How do I use signedUrls with Linode Object Storage

It could also be a potential mismatch with your access/secret keys. This guide will show you how to investigate a potential mismatch with those:

Object Storage Key Pair

s3cmd put rec/file.mp3 s3://bucket-rec/rec/

upload fine

s3cmd signurl s3://bucket-rec/rec.mp3 +3600

<error> InvalidAccessKeyId <requestid>tx000000000000006539cdc-00602c2d49-1e5d447-default</requestid> <hostid>1e5d447-default-default</hostid> </error>

your problem is special characters, simply ":" is my case.

SignatureDoesNotMatch: it takes the complete name of the file and signs it with the other keys, when taking things like these ":" simply the signature breaks like paper, and it will not work.


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