Question Regarding the Next Few Months

I'm a current linode customer, very satisfied. I'm looking into opening another linode.

I want to know what likelyhood there would be of new distro versions being offered in the near future?

If new images for CentOS or Fedora could be appearing soon, I'd rather wait until they are available before setting it up.

I don't need a firm date, just some probability. Thanks!

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Coincidentally, I've been working on them today. Expect to see updated Gentoo, FC6, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, CentOS, Slackware, and Debian (c'mon 4.0) distros, and a purging of all the old distros before the new year.


Just checking on the status of the new distros. I noticed that the list seems to be shorter but I don't see a newer Fedora on the list.

On an FC6 sort of note, will SELinux support be included in newer default kernels, or will SELinux packages be removed from FC6 distos?



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