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Constant CPU usage on shared plan

I’ve started running TeamCity on a 2GB Linode (shared CPU plan.)

It’s been running 24 hours and the CPU usage is at a constant 7-8% when TeamCity is idle.

Is this a problem on a shared CPU plan? Am I likely to get asked to move it to a Dedicated CPU node?

This isn’t a full CI/CD scenario; I’m just using TC to standardise my build and deployment processes, so it’ll only be running a handful of jobs a week, which take a few minutes each to run.

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Having a constant 7-8% is perfectly fine and shouldn't have any impact on neighboring customers. We ask that customers keep their average daily CPU usage below 80%, because anything above that has the potential to be disruptive.

You can check on which processes are responsible for your CPU usage by running a few diagnostic commands:

# View processes consuming the most CPU:
top -bn 1 -o %CPU | head -n 15

# Check for resource contention:
iostat 1 10

# View processes stuck in an “uninterruptible” D state:
for x in `seq 1 1 30`; do ps -eo state,pid,cmd | grep "^D"; echo "-"; sleep 2; done

We give a rundown of these outputs and what they mean in this Community post: What is CPU steal and how does it affect my Linode?

Hi @jtoscani

Thanks for the reply, that’s really useful to know about the 80% daily average too!

I have got a 4GB, 2 core dedicated node for my production environment which I can move TC to if it becomes heavier in the future, but I prefer to keep my builds (TC and source control) away from the live environment.


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