How to set global or automatic notifications for Linode usage thresholds?

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Is there a way to either:

a. set thresholds globally, for all subsequently created Linodes, or
b. set thresholds automatically per Linode, perhaps via the API/CLI?

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At this time, notification thresholds can only be adjusted on a per Linode basis as outlined in the guide, Configure Linode Cloud Manager Email Alerts. You are currently unable to change the default notification threshold for newly deployed Linodes from the current defaults (e.g., 90% Adjusted CPU). Additionally, the thresholds cannot be set automatically per Linode via our API or Linode CLI.

However, one option may be to create a custom script that modifies the usage thresholds for Linodes on your account. That can be achieved leveraging the Linode API/CLI. For more information on how the request looks and what fields would need to be modified (the "Alerts" object), you can reference Request Samples for Linode Updates.


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