postfix non open relay setting


i've changed from sendmail to postfix on my install of Ubuntu on my linode and am confused as to how best configure it.

the only way I can find to get it to relay mail for me without becoming an open relay is to use the following line in the local networks section of webmin control panel general module…

smtpdsaslauth_enable = yes

smtpdrecipientrestrictions =




the problem with this is that my adsl ip address is dynamic so i will have to update the each time it changes. this isn't a big problem but it's not very elegant.

I have to admin also to not really understanding how postfix organises itself. I did a couple of googles on this and the man pages weren't really helpful. they are more focused on a server physically connected to the network it is serving and not our set-up of a remote mail relay.

when i first installed postfix, i selected the internet option (just in case this makes a difference!)

any advice appreciated.



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Have you referenced the Ubuntu wiki at all? There are a bunch of postfix-related articles there…

Your situation is what SASL was designed for. Start reading here.

I couldn't get SASL working, I use


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