How do I Prepare for Increased Traffic?

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I'm anticipating increased traffic to my website next week. What's the best way for me to prepare for this?

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The simplest way to increase your Linode's performance in anticipation of increased web traffic is to resize your Linode to a larger plan. This will expand your Linode's resources and its ability to handle heavier workload. You also won't have to do any reconfiguration of DNS records or IP swapping since your IP address will stay the same when you resize.

Once you have done that, you may want to tune your web server utilities to make sure they are operating at a level that won't curb your Linode's performance. Here are some resources that may come in handy for doing that:

After your site's traffic has resumed to normal levels, you can resize your Linode again, back to the original plan size. There is the added step of resizing your Linode's disk to match that of your target plan when you downsize. But once that's taken care of you are ready to go.

I hope this helps!


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