Share a private IP between 2 linodes

Im building a galera cluster that I want to sit behind haproxy for load balancing. I don't want haproxy to be a SPOF so want to make it HA with keepalived.

I'll need a second private IP on one of the haproxy machines to start so I can use it as a floating address for keepalived as far as im aware.

How can I set that second private ip to shared across the 2 haproxy servers? When I go to the IP Sharing settings under network configuration the private IP addressed dont seem to be available.


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Linode Staff

This is possible, though private IP failover is only available on some of our data centers, specifically in our non-NGN (Next Generation Network) data centers. That said, we do plan on bringing this feature to NGN data centers in the future.

A list of current non-NGN data centers:

  • Dallas
  • Frankfurt
  • Fremont
  • Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • London

For more information on what NGN is, the following post provides details:
Differences in Next Gen Network data centres

If your Linode is not in one of the current non-NGN data centers, you can migrate the Linode:
Cloud Manager: Cross-Data Center Migrations

@watrick ooh is London NGN now?

Linode Staff

Whoops - thanks for catching that, @andysh. It is indeed not an NGN data center yet. Sorry to get your hopes up.

Sorry to get your hopes up.

Hahaha you got me all excited. Never mind, just means more to look forward to :)

@watrick Thank you for the response, they are all going to be in London so it should work for the time being

I take it if that DC goes NGN the functionality will break?


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