Deploying Plex Server

I’m going to be deploying the plex server I already installed the one click app and when I get on my pc I’m going to be following this guide and after ssh steps it’s telling me to access local host but how will my pc know to access that as linode ip is different than my laptop by

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If you’re referring to accessing http://localhost:8888, the SSH step before it is the key.

ssh $USERNAME@$IP_ADDRESS -L 8888:localhost:32400

This connects to your Linode at $IP_ADDRESS as $USERNAME. The “-L” bit tells SSH to open port 8888 on the client (your laptop), and direct traffic through it via the SSH connection, and send it to “localhost:32400” on the server (i.e. your Linode.)

So you’re absolutely right that you’re connecting to port 8888 on your local laptop, but the magic of the port forwarding in SSH means you’re actually talking to your Linode on port 32400.

Hope this helps :)

I got it working it was super simple to get completed now just setting up


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