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I Just noticed I have an update notice on my plex server and it says to install manually however I'm at a loss of how to do so I followed This Guide but no luck It doesnt show any updates. Is there any guide on how to upgrade manually because I'm no finding any

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@NPGLinux I'd be happy to try and help. The steps in the Community Question post you link should work. I've recently gone through those steps again to update my Plex server to the current release version. In order for the Community to help you the best we can, I suggest reviewing our Asking Better Questions. Any additional information you can provide will be helpful.

You can find the current Plex Media Server version here. The steps to check your server's version are listed in the post you linked. What is the message you receive when you run the update command?

As always, the official Plex forum will be able to help you as well.

Hey @rdaniels I was able to get it updated but reset my server and rest it up which I actually happy about got it more organized and I did post over on the forums and was able to see a new way to ensure this doesn't happen again

@NPGLinux That's awesome! Glad it worked out. Updating Plex Media Server can be a pain sometimes, but it's worth it once everything is all neatly organized for you. 😊


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