How To See Linode Firewall Logs


I have enabled the firewall cloud feature for Linode. Awesome product. But, I am not sure how to get the log for denied packets. Is it possible?

If not possible, would Linode dev staff consider adding this feature next revision. Maybe store logs using Linode object storage? And perhaps the firewall should display the last 15 or 20 dropped packet logs in the control panel. Thank you for reading.

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@nixcraft I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying our Cloud Firewall offering! Currently, the logs aren't available for customers to view from Cloud Manager. This is a great feature request and I've included it in our internal trackers for future consideration.

Thanks for sharing!

+1 for that feature. Really necessary to troubleshoot connectivity issues and if the rules are working properly.

+1 for the feature. Any update on when the feature will be available?


Looking forward to this feature.

This would be an incredibly helpful feature. Do we have an update as to when it might be available?


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