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Where are the Docker Options stored?

Using the Docker App from the Marketplace, there's a field that you can set to a command to run when creating the Linode. Let's say that I want to update the docker image tag, where is the info stored in Debian so I can edit it later on?

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After a few tests I figured out that the command is not stored in the Linode and not run at reboot. Restarting a container at reboot is done by adding a restart policy in the Docker Run command.
In case I need to update the image with a newer version, I need to stop the current one and do a Docker Run with the new image.


I'm not a Docker expert, but in Debian, your Docker files should be stored here:


If you're looking to update your Docker Image Tag, you should be able to do it as described in this guide:

Change Docker Image Tag

I hope this helps! If I've misunderstood anything in your question, please let me know.


Unfortunately, this is not what I'm looking for.

When you create a Linode using the Docker app from the marketplace, you have the option to enter a command to run like this:

See this screen capture: https://i.stack.imgur.com/gfzQp.png

Now let's say that later on, I need to edit this command like changing the image tag, in the running Linode, where do I find that string so I can edit it?

I might be wrong in thinking that this can be edited later on. If so, I need to stop the container, update the restart policy and do a Docker Run with the updated image tag.


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