Google is bouncing my emails and I've gone through all the Guides!

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I am creating mail on my website's Linode, which is then passed on to my mailserver Linode. The mail is being created with PHPMailer and is fully HTML compliant. I've listed my mailserver Linode's IP in the SPF records and have gone through all the guides! Why isn't this working?

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Google will also look at the originating IP address in addition to the mailserver IP address. This can be found in the headers of your emails. The solution here is to add the IP of your website's Linode to the SPF record along with the mailserver Linode's IP.

This is what your SPF record is currently:

v=spf1 a:[$yourwebsite] ip4:[$yourmailserverIPaddress] -all

This is what your SPF should look like:

v=spf1 a:[$yourwebsite] ip4:[$webserverIP] ip4:[$yourmailserverIPaddress] -all


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