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How to make ingress work without appending nodeport to the hostname?

I'm trying a simple microservices app on a cloud Kubernetes cluster. This is a part of the Ingress yaml:

  - host: somehostname.xyz

I've added the DNS A record as *.somehostname.xyz.

The problem:
When I use this URL, I'm able to access the auth service: http://somehostname.xyz:31840. However, if I use http://somehostname.xyz, I get a "This site can’t be reached somehostname.xyz refused to connect." error.

All the services, deployments, nginx ingress controller etc. are running fine. What causes this kind of a problem and how to solve it?

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Solved it. The solution was to search for the ingress service that was running, and to use the external IP of that service for creating the DNS A record. Earlier I was using the external IP of the worker node.


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