IP addresses for Datacentres


I want to ping your 3 datacentres to determine which one has the lowest latency from Japan.

Could you give me some I.P. addresses to test against?

I know you give the domain names of the websites of datacentres on your site - is it legitimate to assume that each is hosted at the data center itself?


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Atlanta: host77.linode.com

Fremont: host76.linode.com

Dallas: host107.linode.com


for testing, you could just ping a host from each datacenter.

the planet, dallas, tx: host1.linode.com

hurricane electric, fremont, ca: host9.linode.com

atlantanap, atlanta, ga: host77.linode.com


Dallas: host55.linode.com
Sure….just invite him to pingstorm my host. Thanks a lot!


I'll be really, really gentle - I promise….!


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