How Can I View My Invoice as a Spreadsheet?

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Is there a way I can import my invoice into a spreadsheet instead of using a pdf?

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You can easily do this using the Linode-CLI.

You can learn more about the Linode-CLI in the Overview of the Linode CLI guide. Basically, it is a wrapper used to simplify the API calls.

This will require two steps; finding the invoice's ID number, and exporting the invoice.

To export your invoice into a .txt or .csv, you will first need to find the invoice ID using this command.

linode-cli account invoices-list --text

Once you've located the correct invoice ID number, you can request the line-item breakdown using this command:

linode-cli account invoice-items $YOUR_INVOICE_ID --text >> $<path/file>

A breakdown of how this command works

  • calling the invoice: linode-cli account invoice-items $YOUR_INVOICE_ID
  • formatting output for spreadsheet-use --text
  • saving it to your desired destination file >> $<path/file>

Once you've run these commands, you will have a file that you can either copy/paste the content into a spreadsheet, or possibly be able to open with your spreadsheet software.


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