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I was wondering about developing marketplace applications for game servers. could anyone provide me the process of development/documentation/guide for an application that deploys and configures the instance for the game application? (also Linode generally uses LinuxGSM as a layer above the sever version of the game for easier management) Also, links to GitHub repos of similar applications would be great.
I'm new to development.

Thanks in advance.

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This is a fairly vague request, as there's so much that goes into the development of any sort. When it comes to our Marketplace apps, they are vetted and tested [StackScripts ]( If you want to get a sense of what these scripts look like, and how they work, I'd searching for some Community Stackscripts and try to break down how they work. You can do that through the Community StackScripts section in the Cloud Manager. Clicking on the StackScript label will show you what's in the script.

Additionally, we have several Game Server guides that can help you learn how to install and deploy specific games. By working through those guides, you could conceivable create a StackScript for individual games.

Can you recommend any Unity game development companies? I need to find qualified developers. If you offer some companies, you can immediately throw links to their portfolio.


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