apt-get apt install not working when Linode Firewall is enabled

Firewall is set to default block inc and out, but I have all the default rules allowed for both IPv4 and 6 (HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, SSH) on both incoming and outgoing.

If I disable the firewall, my Linode can connect successfully using apt-get and apt install

Any ideas?

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It is like DNS breaks. Cant ping via domain names, ping via IP works fine.

I believe you need to unblock HTTP (80) as well.

-- sw

Have you enabled DNS outbound for both UDP and TCP protocols?

DNS initially uses UDP and “upgrades” to TCP for bigger result sets (such as DNSSEC.)

Here are details on how to allow DNS traffic if you're using Linode's cloud firewall offering.

Go to the Firewalls section of the Linode cloud manager.

Click "Add an Outbound Rule"

Select "DNS" from the "Preset" dropdown menu.

Keep the default values (protocol: TCP; ports: 53; destination: all IPv4 & IPv6; action: accept)

Click "Add Rule" to dismiss that panel.

Click "Save Changes" and you should be set.


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