How can I improve deliverability to Microsoft email addresses?

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I've been getting bounce back messages when sending emails to Microsoft accounts (,,, etc.) despite having set up rDNS and SPF records. What more can I do to prevent these bounce backs?

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Microsoft has a free service, Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) that provides insight into how your IP address reputation is perceivd by the system.

Benefits of SNDS:

  • Understand how Microsoft's filters rate your emails
  • See how many users reported your email as spam
  • Receive the full message with headers of any email marked as "junk" or "phishing"
  • Identify potential problems with your marketing practices and content
  • Improve sender reputation by removing unwanted subscribers from lists

To enroll in SNDS:

You can also peruse the below Community post which provides thorough details into other factors that contribute to deliverability issues:


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