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How does Linode keep giving so many IPv4 addresses ?

Hello, this might be a naive question, but how is Linode able to keep providing unique IPv4 addresses if there are no more available?

Do you:

  • own a huge subnet of addresses,
  • does this have to do something with how NAT works,
  • are you recycling addresses,
  • or everyhing above?

I really don't understand how every VPS gets a unique address.

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Points A and C are the answer.

For example, this is the information on ONE of Linode's eGBP announcements: https://ipinfo.io/AS63949

You can see how many addresses are involved, and that's not even a full list. I know that there are other IP ranges that are also part of that, that aren't shown on that site.

Another view is via ARIN. These are the ranges assigned to Linode just in the United States: https://whois.arin.net/rest/org/LINOD/nets


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