Object Storage lifecycle policies - how to keep valid files

I have been using the NoncurrentVersionExpiration rule, but this has deleted all versions of the deleted files and kept only the DeleteMarker.
I have three questions:

  1. How do I keep at least one version of the file besides DeleteMarker?
  2. How can I delete these files only with DeleteMarker, without any version?
  3. Is there any detailed documentation for lifecycle policies, or can I use the aws one?

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  1. This has been answered in:

2. Files that only have a DeleteMarker and no versions, the DeleteMarker is referred to as an ExpiredObjectDeleteMaker. By setting ExpiredObjectDeleteMarker to true in the Lifecycle action, you can removed expired object delete markers.

3. You can use the AWS documentation, but searching through https://github.com/ceph/ceph can give you an idea about what might not be implemented.


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