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I have started the setup of a wordpress based site on Linode. I have setup a basic contact form (I happened to use Forminator) - it just has a name, email and comment field. I have even noted my email address in the fields related to where to send this notification. However, it doesn't seem to send anything when filled in. I realized that I assume I actually need an email account to send it from as well? If so, how/where do I associate an outgoing email account with the site/form. Also, is there a different form plug-in I could be using that might make things simpler?

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By Default Linode blocks port 25 to prevent spam from Linode instances. To solve this issue you need to contact Linode support to open port 25 or you can use a third-party SMTP provider. I have explained the detail on for using the third-party SMTP provide to send the mail from your contact form.


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