The ShadowsocksR installed on linode can't access the external network suddenly

Install ShadowsocksR on linode. After a few days, ShadowsocksR can't connect to the network, can't access Google facebook whatapp, etc., but ping server instance ip everything is normal.
I want to ask you what causes this situation in general. Do you have good suggestions to prevent this from happening?
I know that ShadowsocksR is not your software and should not be under your jurisdiction, but I just want to consult your suggestions.
If I can give any suggestions, I would be very grateful.

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The cause of sudden failure of services generally fall into a few broad categories. Under each I have outlined some of the more common reasons:

Configuration Changes

  • System or Service Software Upgrade
  • Remote Client misconfiguration
  • Rebooting causing dormant changes to come into play for the first time
  • Rebooting with Network Helper turned on could cause a network configuration to get overwritten
  • If the system was brought to a working state with manual configuration, i.e. ip route add … commands, configuration could be lost with a reboot. Also services that are started, but not enabled to automatically restart can cause problems at reboot.
  • Other users of the system making changes behind your back
  • Hackers diverting your system for their own use.

External Causes

  • Firewall Rule Changes (at the client end, at a destination, or surrounding your server)
  • Broken network routes
  • DNS Problems such as domain expiry. If clients are configured to access by name, loss of DNS would prevent them from connecting.
  • DoS Attacks

Resource Exhaustion

  • Log files and misconfigured caches can fill up a disk and leaving a system suddenly with out the ability to write any data at all.
  • Memory demand can also reach a point where processes are unable to start and the system OOM Killer (Out of Memory) is sacrificing needed processes in a last ditch effort to keep the system running.


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