Openlitespeed (Litespeed) vs. Nginx benchmark

I was looking at some open source control panels to possibly self-host a few sites, like HestiaCP and aaPanel. For past years, many experts seem to agree Nginx is the fastest and stable server, but I know that control panels mostly prefer Apache/Litespeed for .htaccess

But then I found aaPanel and Hestia support Nginx and they are saying Nginx was faster than Openlitespeed too--

Is this true or not that Litespeed marketing was inaccurate? Because I saw many blogs saying OLS is much faster than Nginx?

If .htaccess is not required for these control panels then I must choose either Nginx or OLS based on speed and reliable factors so just want to know the truth, thx

p.s. probably hosting mostly for Wordpress sites

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The biggest thing you should worry about in terms of speed is actual webpage optimization.

If viewers have to download megabytes upon megabytes of images, web fonts, JavaScript, and miscellaneous resources from third party sources all that stuff is going to take the biggest toll on website loading speed and web server performance way more than whatever http engine you use.

Masih setia dengan Nginx

Is this true or not that Litespeed marketing was inaccurate? Because I saw many blogs saying OLS is much faster than Nginx?

Remember that Litespeed shares a commission (%) for each premium license their affiliates sell to customers.

Your webhost is trying to bully you into paying for Litespeed because they keep up to 1/3 of your monthly Litespeed payment as commission. (This is why hosting companies so heavily promote Litespeed and CloudLinux, another product where a percentage of your monthly payment is “kicked back” as commission.)

So it has created a sort of "affiliate bros" community similar like Warrior Forum where dozens of guys are all cheering each other and trying to hype Litespeed like some magic software and hoping that you will join their SEO or web hosting service from that. It seems most of those guys never used Linux before and do not understand much about web stacks, their knowledge is mostly GUI point-and-click using cPanel and doing marketing and blogging and really not about DevOps experience.

So the Litespeed Tech homepage created these ambiguous graphics showing Openlitespeed 1000x faster than Nginx and Apache and immediately all their affiliates started re-sharing these images on social media and reblogging about it for more hype.

Suddenly all these cPanel/marketing bros now pretend they are DevOps gurus and trash-talking Nginx and Apache for promoting Litespeed.

Litespeed Tech was criticized on Reddit for publishing "fake" benchmarks because they disabled Nginx FastCGI cache to make it slower than Litespeed during their tests. And some of their marketing partners (bloggers) did the same thing also to make Nginx look very bad performance, these misleading articles were still never deleted after past 3 years… I think "misleading" is a better word than “fake” because it appears designed to mislead users.

Not my type of scene tbh. I will be loyal to the fantastic open source Nginx community that has never engaged in this sort of questionable behavior…

Pernah punya pengalaman saat menggunakan murni Litespeed tapi tidak bisa menyimpan banyak situ. Mungkin saya kurang terlalu paham dengan Litespeed :)


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