How do i switch to Drive C:

Trying to install nmap but it keeps looking in E: Drive but should be looking in C: Drive

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nmap is a Windows program which cannot be installed on a Linux based Linode.

Binaries for nmap is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

I am not able to reproduce the problem. Can you let us know where you acquired the package you are trying to install? seems to be the primary source for downloads.

According to this site, there seem to be three ways of installing on Windows:

  • The Windows Self-Installer
  • Command-line Zip Binaries
  • Compiling from Source

If the problem is occurring after installation, there may be a problem with your user account's path environment variable.

The information below should help you in installing nmap on both Linux and Windows systems.

Based on the drive letters, I'm inclined to assumed this is for a Windows machine since Linux uses a different naming scheme for drives. If you're looking to install nmap on a Windows system, you can simply download the .exe file from this official nmap page and run the installer.

I found this guide that walks you through installing nmap on a Windows system. During the installation you can specify the destination drive for the program, be it the C or the E drive.

The two guides listed below have instructions on how to install nmap on Ubuntu and CentOS.

How to install Nmap on Linux
How to Install NMAP on Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS)

If you are interested in know more about the drive naming scheme on Linux you can check out the guides below for more information.

C.4. Device Names in Linux
What is the Linux drive naming scheme?
6 Ways the Linux File System is Different From the Windows File System



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