Not able to reset root password in debian based linode server!!!

The steps I followed:
1)Unable to login through ssh as well as Lish console………..
2)Tried resetting password from the cloud manager and successfully changed but not
reflecting while login..Still showing incorrect password………
3)Booted to rescue mode and done chroot to the disk 'passwd user/root' command is not
working… getting 'passwd:Authentication token manipulation error'………….
4)to resolve the above error remounted the disk with read and write access-not
tried 'pam-auth-update' and got another error.'/usr/bin/per1:error while loading
shared open shared object file:No such file or directory'………
I am new to Linode environment and also to Debian 10
I am not able to solve this by resetting root password.
is there any way to solve this without rebuilding the account????

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The root password can be changed through the web manager and then by logging in as root.

Based on what you said, if you’re still having issues and if this is a new server, you can rebuild it and start from scratch.

Thanks for the reply @LouWestin….I already tried the web manager before and not successful….Rebuilding the linode to the current state is not an easy task within the short time period…if you can suggest any other method to solve this issue will be a great help for me!!!!

Are you getting some error message when changing the password in the web console? Is the root account disabled?

What issue are you having with lish that’s not allowing you to login to the server?

When changing password using web console it showing sucessfully changed..But getting login incorrect alert while login through lish as well as ssh…..

i am not sure about the root is disabled or can i check that??

Lish is not working for both root and other users.

Ok, at this point I would open a ticket since it could be something technical going on. Especially if LISH isn't working.


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