Can i set up a Smtp-relay server on linode?

I am trying for months to get my own mail working. But i always failed at the relay (most times login issues or reverse dns). So i am trying to set up my relay somewhere else. And Linode came to my Mind. But i havent seen a menu for that or something like that. do i have to actually really make my own with a nanode and linux or is there a better solution?

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Yes, you can use a Linode to create an SMTP relay server and use it for forwarding mail.

With that said—Linode is an unmanaged infrastructure provider, so generally speaking folks working on our platform are creating their own servers and using Linux to configure them how they wish.

We do have a few features like our Marketplace and StackScripts that allow for a more hands-off initial configuration, however in both of those cases the servers still require maintenance that may not be automated, depending on the initial set up.

These guides may be helpful for you in configuring your Linode to act as an SMTP relay:


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