Why suddenly I can't access my opnSense on Linode ?

I successfully install opnsense on Linode using this reference:

However, when configuring my opnsense, SUDDENLY my opnsense CANNOT BE REACHED. Even when I reboot, still it have the same problem. I can't access the public ip address of my opnsense.

I reinstall it 15 times already, still the same problem occured. It is stressful to me because I don't know workaround to this issue.

I seek help from you guys. Please help me solve this issue.

on when I paste my public IP in the address bar, it showed:
"This site cannot be reached, took too long to respond"

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A connection timeout indicates that you may have a firewall blocking access, or you may not have a service running on the designated port. You'll want to ensure that your firewall is allowing the port you're trying to access and that the service is running and listening on the correct port. You may also want to review your system's logs for more specific errors that may indicate why you're not able to access your Opnsense install. Opnsense's documentation may be helpful here as well.

While it sounds like you're trying to reach your site via a browser, if you're having trouble SSHing into that Linode, I'd suggest reviewing this additional post for more assistance.


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