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How to provide feedback to Database BETA (mysql) products?


I am using managed database BETA, which is entered into Degraded mode. Since it is a beta product, I didn't open a ticket, and I wanted to know how to deal with such situations? How can I provide feedback to Linode? Is there any email ID?


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If you're having an issue with your cluster, you should definitely create a Support ticket so that our team can take a look.

For general purpose feedback, you can also submit to our portal at https://www.linode.com/feedback/.

It is their product, their responsibility. You are doing them a BIG favor by spending your time and using your expertise to help them create a product that they will be paid for… thus you should, by all means, open a ticket… and if I had my way you would be paid for said time and expertise… perhaps a year free when the product 'ships.'

Linode is no longer a small, 'we are family' business. It is owned by a large, well-funded corporation that really NEEDS to sustain or increase the current Linode service level, or they will see many (maybe mass) defections to D.O. and other competitors.

Write up the ticket. Let us know what answer you get.

@acanton77 and @_Brian Thanks, I created a support ticket. In fact, they do have database category init. Will update thread later.


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