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I recently installed odoo via the marketplace. I have spent a fair bit of time setting up the system as way to see if it is going to work for me - have setup inventory, purchasing and the commerce based website. I have not yet gone live with the website portion of the installation, however, I am now ready to work towards doing so.

To this point I have been accessing the site just by going to the ip address that linode has assigned. In order to get a domain name going I have gone into the domains option on linode and added my domain name. Linode auto setup most if not all of it following which I could go to a browser, specify the domain name and get to my site. So that worked fine, however, I then needed to setup the ssl option. this is where I am really stuck and having some problems.

Based on some documentation I found I did setup a file in the /etc/nginx/sites-available/ directory that bears the name of my domain. I then ran a sudo certbot nginx command that did appear to successfully setup/assign the ssl certificates. however, now when i browse to the domain name i no longer get the site, rather I get a page that says 'welcome to nginx, if you see this page the nginx webserver is successfully installed…'. The ssl seems to be there /working because next to my domain name there is the lock there. its just that it isn't bringing up my site as it once did (before setting up this file and ssl).

Any guidance/suggestions much appreciated.

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It sounds like Nginx no longer knows where to find your website files, which may be related to the file you added in /etc/nginx/sites-available. There is a default entry in sites-available that you can try removing, in case that's overriding your Odoo installation.

If that doesn't help, you'll want to make sure that your Nginx configuration file has the correct path to your website files, wherever they're located. We have a guide to configuring Nginx that you may find helpful; there are examples of configuration files there that you can use to update your own configuration:

Nginx Configuration File

Notably, you'll want to be sure that a copy of your site's directory is in /etc/nginx/sites-available and /etc/nginx/sites-enabled . There's more detail about how that works in this guide. You can use the command sudo nginx -t to test your configuration after you make any necessary changes.

You may also want to reference the Odoo documentation as you make these changes.


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