Is it possible to change the domain name of a wordpress site

I am trying to troubleshoot why my permalink are not working on my wordpress site. I went an spun up a new node using the marketplace wordpress to 22.04 and the pretty permalink worked there when I uploaded a copy of my site. However, I did not provide a domain name when creating it so it has a generic name.

Is there a way to change this in the server and reissue the ssl?

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When you spun up the Marketplace WordPress, didn't you have to give it a domain name? Where did script actually put Wordpress? Did it create a virtual host for it?

When you say you uploaded your site, how did you do it?

Did you also dump and then upload your 'old' WP database?

I don't know enough about how Marketplace WP works in order to advise you.

Personally, I never advise the Marketplace install but to instead install WP manually.

Give us some more info and I'm sure we can help you.


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