Recover Terraform Linode State

I've deleted my Terraform state file and I'm trying to recover it.

(Actually, I'd rather never have a state file--it means there's two sources ground truth, when there's really only the one.)

I've done a terraform import to get back the state of a Linode orignally created by Terraform. But when I invoke terraform plan, it says it has to replace the Linode, because:
+ image = "linode/debian9" # forces replacement

and this happens because:

This value can not be imported. Changing image forces the creation of a new Linode Instance.

(There's also the matter of root password--I expected the same issue but it's not griping about that. Problem for another magic moment.)

So now what? How do I get Terraform (or the Linode provider) to accept that everything's OK? Is there some way I can simultaneously provide and not provide the image name? Because I surely do need it when standing up a new instance!

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