I have tried --and am trying to RTFM but it does not seem to exist

It might seem stupid to ask but all the guides seem to assume knowledge of things i MUST be missing : Where are minecraft server files in a linode server ? Do i need to manually ADD ./mcserver/serverfiles/server.properties? because ALL my linode minecraft server shows is the following: run.sh and server.jar --either i am crazy --or stupid--or BOTH OR A huge piece of information is missing in my trouble shooting. I mean if i need to WRITE the " Listen stupid, i was stupid too don't do this .." manual myself , i will - i just need to know that it is necessary

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/usr/bin/find is your friend…


sudo find / -name *mcserver*



— sw

stevewi thanks for your response. I did eventually figure out what happened. Partly it was operator head space and timing (me being a noobish user) partly it was that the server did not start correctly the first time -- i guess. I did find the server files and figure out how to edit them eventually. It is working as expected now. Thanks again!


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